about ipv Delft

ipv Delft is a Dutch design and engineering office which focuses on bridges, lighting and street furniture. The office is renowned for its wide range of bridge designs, ranging from small, one-off pedestrian bridges to large traffic bridges and underpasses. Furthermore, ipv Delft also developed its own series of economically priced standard bridges in concrete, steel, wood and ultra-high performance concrete. In 2009 the company published a book on bridge design: Bridging the Dutch landscape.

A good design should be simple, effective and inspired.

As for lighting projects, ipv Delft has an in-company light architect that specializes in lighting design and illumination. They have illuminated several churches and monumental buildings in the Netherlands and designed custom-made lighting for the Hague’s Chinatown, amongst others.

Street furniture projects range from specially made benches to waste receptacles and bus stops.

The company’s underlying vision, is that a good design should be simple, effective and inspired.

ipv Delft
Adress Oude Delft 39
2611 BB Delft
The Netherlands
+31 15 750 25 75
Website www.ipvdelft.com